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What's profit of Metallization surface on Thermoelectric module / peltier module ?
Author:P&N Tech  Time : 2019-05-09 Browse:169

Thermoelectric module Surface metallization indicates metalize ceramic external substrate surface, like gold, cooper and nickel.

When TE cooling module surface is metallized, TEC module can be soldered and fixed on the surface of Both heat sink or components directly.

Soldering is a good way to make sure peltier's high reliability and good effect of heat transfer.

While standard TE modules can only be fixed on the surface of heat sink or cooling components through press/paste way.

In P&N, we could do both for you, except our standard models, we also provide customized thermal solution to meet customers specific requirement.

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P&N Technology is focus on high quality thermoelectric products design & producing from thermoelectric raw material ingot to thermoelectric module, and thermoelectric assembly.

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