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thermoelectric assembly
Thermoelectric assembly cooler is fabricated with Peltier effect of semi-conductive material. The so-called Peltier effect refers to the phenomenon that one end absorbs heat and the other end releases heat when DC current passes through a galvanic couple comprising two semi-conductive materials. Re-mixed N- and P-type bismuth telluride is semi-conductive material mainly used for TEC module. Bismuth telluride components uses electric serial connection and heats up in parallel. TEC module  includes some P-type and N-type pairs(groups), which are connected via electrodes and between two ceramic electrodes. When current flows through TEC, the heat generated by the current will pass on from one side of thermoelectric assembly to the other side of  thermoelectric air conditioner, creating a “hot”end and a “cold” end on TEC module. This is the heating and cooling principle of TEC cooling(thermoelectric cooling).