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 Thermoelectric Module for Electric Industry and Telecom industry 

Electric cabinet dehumidification

Using semiconductor dehumidifier(thermoelectric module) to dehumidify the electric cabinet,ensuing internal air dried,nocondensed water precipitated.

Wireless communication base station intelligent temperature control

 Intelligent temperature control for peltier air conditioning of wireless communication base station , and  temperature protection for their internal equipment.

Laser diodes and pump lasers

Control temperature by thermoelectric module cooling and heating on the laser devices such as laser transmission (DWDM), pumped laser (EDFA), avalanche photodiode (APD), CATV laser, prevent laser wavelength drift.

Photonics system components

Stable photonics system components such as photonic integrated circuits (PIC), the temperature of the optical channel detector (OCM), ensure the component stability and longevity.

Thermoelectric Module for telecom industry