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Thermoelectric Module/Peltier air conditioner for Consumer Products

Thermoelectric Module/Assembly for Consumer Products    Thermoelectric Module/peltier air conditioner
Thermoelectric Module/Assembly for Consumer Products    Thermoelectric Module/Assembly for Consumer Products


The most common use for thermoelectric module/peltier air conditioner cooling, providing a confined space precise temperature control, to achieve the temperature effect, such as car refrigerator, wine cooler and so on.

Wine/beer cooler

Using peltier air conditioner made ice machine, drinking the wine to reach a comfortable temperature without ice.

Mosquito magnets

Use heat power generation by burning of propane of mosquito magnets to power the small fan, it will kill and suck the mosquito into the mosquito magnets.

Temperature control for cabinet and wardrobe dehumidifier

Inside dehumidifier for cabinets,wardrobe and furniture, keep dry and avoid mildew.

Family dehumidifier 

Indoor dehumidification, control indoor humidity to make a comfortable room.

Camping stove

Generate electricity from the heat of camp stove fuel combustion, drive the fan blowing into the stove to ensure a fully fuel combustion, charging mobile, lighting LEDs. 

Merchandise display cabinet

To maintain a constant temperature inside merchandise display, ensure merchandise fresh and good appearance.

Personal air conditioner

Adjust temperature through semiconductor thermoelectric modules, all of the parts which human body skin contacted is products development direction, such as air mattress, office chair air conditioning cushion, etc.

Beverage dispensing & vending machines

Adjust temperature inside beverage dispensing and vending machines, ensure fresh and good taste.