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Plate to Liquid Series

The thermoelectric Plate to Liquid series is used to cool or heat either objects attached directly to the cold plate, or enclosures by attaching a thermal conductive container to the cold plate. Heat is dissipated to a liquid on the warm side.  The liquid circuit is normally of a circulating type with a pump and a Liquid-to-Air heat exchanger removing the heat into the ambient air.  By using an efficient heat exchanger and one or more thermoelectric Plate to Liquid Assemblies a very powerful yet compact system is created. 
      Our standard thermoelectric assemblies are optimized for high cooling capacity and efficiency rather than maximum ΔT.  Typical applications include temperature cycling of electronic components, laser cooling and analytical instruments.

Model No Pc Max(W) Voltage(V) Current(A) Ambient(℃) Weight(Kg) L(mm) W(mm) COP
PL-210-24 210 24 8.1 -10~63 1.3 240 60 1.07
PL-120-24 120 24 4.2 -10~63 0.68 140 60 1.21
PL-60-12 60 12 4.7 -10~63 0.4 100 60 1.18