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Thermoelectric Module for Automotive

Air conditioning seat

Heating and cooling car seat via thermoelectric products to achieve the goal of driving and riding comfort. Often seen as water car air-conditioning seat.

Particular and special air-conditioning components

Inside controlled temperature for a car by a small confined space , such as the dashboard.

A hybrid car battery cooling

Stable enough for the temperature of the battery, make a battery can do well in any environment.Battery cabinet system can improve the effect of the battery, prolong the lifespan of the battery, and increase the battery power capacity in cold temperatures.

Recycle exhaust waste heat

Using the waste heat to generate electricity in the automobile exhaust, can be directly power to the car battery or power supply to automotive electronic products.

Cooling and heating cup holder

Making the cooling and heating cup holder via thermoelectric products,you can keep the heat inside the cup holder or a cool drink by the extent of the control switch.