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author:P&N Tech   Time : 2016-08-02 browse:486

When select thermoelectric products, you are recommended to follow below steps

1.  Confirm the ambient temperature (Th);

2.  Confirm the required temperature of the cooling space or objects (Tc);

3.  Confirm the application’s heat load power (Q, the heat need to be removed or lowered);

4.  Determine the required cooling capacity (Qc, considering heat loss, it is recommended Qc = 1.5 * Q);

5.  Find out thermoelectric products from the catalog, whose maximum heat pumping capacity (Qmax) matches with the Qc worked out by step #4 (±5W), and then refer to the expected Current and Voltage to pick out a suitable thermoelectric product.  If the single thermoelectric module/ thermoelectric assembly/TEG could not meet the requirement, you can also use series or parallel connect multiple products to get higher performance, the quantity = Qc / Qmax (Single products).

       This is the simple model for selecting products, and need to be confirmed by further simulation and test.  If you need more detailed and accurate calculation and design, please contact us, we will provide professional and perfect support to you.