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1. Module Thickness Tolerance Options: Generally ±0.2mm, custom options are listed below,
     A.  ±0.2mm;
     B.  ±0.1mm;
     C.  ±0.05mm;
     D.  ±0.025mm;
     E.  ±0.015mm。
2. Module Moisture Protection Options: Generally seal with white RTV silicone. Maximum ΔT value is reduced by 2-3°C for silicone and by 1-2°C for epoxy sealing versions. Custom options are listed below,
     A. No seal;
     B. White RTV silicone;
     C. Translucent silicone;
     D. Black epoxy.
3.  Module Wires Options: Generally wire length is 150mm. Custom options are list below,
     A. No wires;
     B. 150mm;
     C. Up to customers’ requirement;
     D. Special Terminals.
4.  Ceramic External Substrate Surface Options: Generally bare ceramic surface, custom options are list below,
     A. Bare Ceramic surface;
     B. Metallized surface (Gold, Nickel or Copper);
     C. Specific metal thickness;
     D. One side metallization only;
     E. Pre-Tinning Options.
5.  Ceramic can choose different thickness Alumina or Aluminum Nitride.