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peltier device AA-24-12-C

Product introduction

Thermoelectric Peltier Air Cooler 12V DC 24W -10 to 50 C 

Key Features:

The cooling temperature range: -10 - 50C


Ideal for wine cabinet,small electronic enclosures, small refrigerators, medical diagnostics.


The compact thermoelectric peltier cooler is powered by 12V DC, design combined with two peltier elements and high 
performance heat sinks, support  to achieve NEMA 4. The  thermoelectric assembly makes this cooler compatible with 
all of our temperature controllers and power supplies.  In the majority of peltier coolers, we remain convinced that it is 
able to be likely customized to meet your demands, whether it is used in the indoor or outdoor, you will find it suits your 
equipment perfectly.

thermoelectric assembly.jpg

Product parameters
Pc Max (W) Voltage (V) Current (A) Ambient (℃) Weight (Kg) L(mm) W(mm) COP
24 12 3.4 -10~52 0.59 100 86 0.86