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peltier device PN-D2412D

Product introduction

Product Dectription

PN-D2412D Mini Intelligent Dehumidifying Device adopts the semi-conducting cooling dehumidification method. The fans of dehumidification device absorb the moist air into dehumidification air tube from confined space. When the moist air contacts the cooling parts, the moisture in the air will turn into condensation water. Condensation water under the effect of gravity drip into the water tank and drain off from aqueduct. The recycling of the dehumidification process drains the water of cabinet in the form of condensation water, so as to dehumidify and prevent condensation.

Main Features

1. Small size, light weight and broad application;

2. Convenient installation with DIN35 rail/bolt;

3. Low power consumption, lager volume dehumidification;

4. Real time sampling of humidity, rapid response to changes in ambient humidity;

5. Discharging and condensing in the dehumidification tube, heating and dehumidifying the effluent gas, dehumidifying anti-condensation comprehensively; 

6. Drainage system condenses condensate water out of the cabinet timely.

7. Start and stop dehumidification values are adjustable;

8. Automatic defrosting at low temperature;

9. Automatic stopping at high temperature and double temperature switch protection.

Product parameters
Pc Max (W) Voltage (V) Current (A) Ambient (℃) Weight (Kg) L(mm) W(mm) COP
24W DC12V 2A -10~55C 320g 104mm 64mm --