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peltier element TEC1-12706

Product introduction

Thermoelectric Peltier Module Tec1-12706


1)  cost-effective and suitable for the higher current and lager cooling requirements.

2) Fast cooling,& Eco-friendly. 

3) Small size&Easy to operate. 

4) Top quality & competitive price. 

5)The peltier module working time is over one hundred thousand hours.

Why Choose Us?

(1) Thermoelectric peltier tec1-12706 are RoHS and REACH compliant, SGS ISO9001 verified.  

(2) Peltier module material are UL Certificaion.

(3) Standard Wire is 150mm

(4) Peltier module moisture protection standard is sealed by white RTV silicone, but also support

select other moisture protection style, Such as translucent silicone, black epoxy.

(5) Peltier module flatness tolerance support select 0.2mm, 0.13mm, 0.1mm.

IF you want to more details, Pls read Thermoelectric Module Tec1-127060 Specifications.

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Product parameters
Th=27℃ Dimensions(mm)
I max(A) Q max(W) V max(V) Δt max(℃) N A B C D E/H
6 51.4 15.4 69 127 40 40 40 3.6